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On this corner lived a Quaker family named Anthony
who built the first brick home in the Town of Mayfield.
The area became known as "Anthony's Village" or
Anthonyville. Across the road by the creek was a
blacksmith's shop that made scythes and axes and
small farm tools. One of the Anthonys born in the brick
house, George T. Anthony, became governor of
Kansas 1876 - 1879.

LOCATION: 43° 5.287′ N, 74° 16.318′ W
Marker located on Route 30 north at the Brower Road
intersection (east side) at the Anthony Creek. This
marker was unveiled on the 17th of November, 1994 by
Mayfield Town Supervisor Debra Perham, with Town
Historian Betty Tabor and Mayfield Historical Society
President Agnes Gilbert. Suggested by County
Historian Lewis G. Decker.
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     Anthonyville is the name of a small cluster of houses about two miles southwest
of Mayfield. The locality was settled between 1812 and 1815 by Lebbeus Barton,
who came from Connecticut and built a carding mill, the first in the town, and in 1816
or 1817 a brick house, which was the second one in the town. He also built a saw
mill in 1820 at the same place. Soon afterward a blacksmith shop was built there,
and in a few years was fitted as an iron works and a trip hammer placed in
operation. John M. Anthony purchased the property about 1833 and did a large
business as an iron worker. Orrin A. Anthony now carries on the business, and is
prepared to make axes and edge tools, together with other useful implements.*
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Printers and Publishers.
* Fulton County Roadside History 2009