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Carey's Corners School Mayfield, New York
The Carey's Corners School District # 8 was located on Mountain Road which was formally known as
Carey's Corners. The original # 8 school site was covered by water when the Sacandaga Valley was
flooded in 1930.  The later District # 8 school was one of the last small schools to be erected.  It
contained grades from 1 - 6.
Left to Right - Back Row
1913- 1914
Left to Right - Front Row
Dorothy Knapp, Margie Becker, Stewart Brower, Peter Johnson, Lorraine Sink,
Mamie Ross, Bill Van Nostrand and George Knapp.
1910 - 1911
Left to Right - Front Row
G. Jackson, Nathan Brower, Jerome Becker, Royal Knapp, Owen Knapp, D. Knapp,
Eva Knapp, Ruth Johnson, Elsie Van Nostrand, Alice Kenton, (Teacher,) Elle
Warner in front of Elsie and Maggie Van Nostrand in front of the teacher.
Royal Knapp, S. Brower, Peter Johnson, Dorothy Knapp, Margie Becker Stewart,
Ella Warner.
Left to Right - Back Row
G. Jackson, Jerome Becker, Owen Knapp, Nathan Brower, D. Knapp, Grant