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                            Cranberry Creek                           
       Cranberry Creek is in both Mayfield and Northampton and contained some
25 houses. Was considerable business there in early days. Was grist mill, two
saw mills there, was rake factory there before Dave Terrell can remember as
there was a carding mill. Other saw mills near. Other saw mills near.
One saw mill)north side,) near Randolph Gilbert. Then run by Benedict Blowers
andLewis Gifford. They sold to Rufus Gifford. Judge Samuel A. Gilbert owned a
tract of 3,000 acres in the neighborhood. Built log house across from Bushnell
house  (?) built later. He probably owned land and perhaps mill on the south side
(Dave Terrell.) Randolph Gilbert had turning lathe, staves for barrels and butter
(?) were gotton out. Colender and Toby had small saw mill south of Cranberry
Creek and along the road to Mayfield. Isaac Jackson owned lot in the
neighborhood and the mill may have been on it. He may there or previously have
owned mill says assessors list 1855. Jackson lived back on knoll now covered by
water. Orlando Gifford had grocery store there. At same time Lewis Smith had
store and post office.
       Lionel Gifford had feed and grocery store (Bro. to Mrs. Marvin Tanner.) Lewis
Gifford was (?) F.J.&G. Blacksmith shop there run by (leook?) Some Gloversville
people wanted to start glove shops there. Could not buy land. (Gilbert not sell.)
From Rev. W.H. Kroeger - early part of 19th century. John M. Perry - a tailor
came from NY city and located near the Christian Church. Made clothes for the
men of the region. His son, Samuel L. Perry born there 1824 - was a tin peddler
in the region about. Henry and James, also sons of John M. were coopers with a
shop near "old John Bratt place." The youngest son Thomas zd. Perry - born
1844 - in Mayfield - was in Capt. Shaw's (?) Co. (?)  was later Methodist minister
serving in Maine and later in NY. Died in Gloversville 1911. Buried in Prospect
Cemetery. His wife was Cora Frank of Town of Mayfield. Cranberry Creek
creamery (?) advertised 1915 for sale for taxes 1809 - 1813. Land held 1/2 acre.
Directors: Orlando Gifford, George R/ Warren, Willard Kegg, Lewis Smit, Abram
Ouderkirk, (?)
    * Written by Rev. Rullifson by his own hand. Some words are not legible, where as the (?) are placed.