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Dennies Crossing School Mayfield, New York
A photo of this School is needed
Dennies Crossing was located between Dennies Crossing and Mayfield Center. It was also known as
Bemis Corner School. It was built before the turn of the century. Mrs. Dorothy Hanson taught there
from 1935 to 1944 and noted that they were the happiest 9 years of her 39 years in teaching. The
Progress ares residents used to go to the school to pump water and carry it home. Several children
rode a bus to Dennies Crossing, then walked the rest of the way to school. One of her favorite pupils
was no electricity in the school which was one of the last to come into the district. The fire was set in an
old iron stove. The flag was raised and classes started. School sessions usually ran from 9 to 4 except
on Fridays when class was dismissed at 3:30. After the bell rang and the students settled in, the
teacher gave each grade something to work on, then started sessions with each class until all grades
were covered. Classes were mainly reading, writing, English penmanship, history, geography and
spelling bees on Fridays. There was a morning and afternoon recess along with lunch period.