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Mayfield Schools
The History of Mayfield Central School
       The Mayfield Central School Dist. #1 was organized during the year 1937. Erection of the
building to house all twelve grades was begun in 1938 and the school first opened Sept. 4th, 1939.
The school district comprised parts of the town of Mayfield, Broadalbin, Northampton and Johnstown
and had an assessed valuation of $1,500,000 with a true valuation of $2,500,000. The old school
districts  included in this centralization were: Mayfield Village, Cranberry Creek, Carey's Corners,
Dennie Hollow, Jackson Summit, Riceville, Foote District, Phelps St., Dennies Crossing, Bemis and
Red Bunch.
Old and new school on School Street 1939 near completion