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Red Bunch School Mayfield, New York
This school originally stood on a dirt road running southerly past its present site (1935,) and near the
location it was known as the Three Cornered School because 3 roads cornered in the district. Three log
school, which was in session for 21 weeks from May 4th to the last day in September.
Oscar and Charles Whitney, Byron Ellsworth, Mary Patterson, Eugene, Frank, Anna and Emile
Robinson, Daniel Cromer, David, William and Franklin Bown,
year for 2 weeks in August there was a teachers institute in Gloversville to entrust the practical
teachers of 1 room schoolhouses in techniques, books, etc. About 200 teachers were in attendance at
one session, which commenced August 22nd, 1870 with Syrus Stewart as commissioner.
In 1870 Mrs. S.J. Cole was District $ 4 teacher. The father of Mrs. Pearl Blowers attended this school.
Mrs. Blowers also taught there instructing 15 - 20 students. The school was closed in 1940.
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