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Riceville School                                 
This school had a big fireplace in the center. In 1892
the only pupil living was Mrs. Rosanna Richardson,
Woodworth and Malorys.
In 1890 - 1900 a rev. John Thompson who attended
the school recalled that there were about 60 pupils.
Mrs. Pearl Blowers taught there between 1920 -
1924. There were about 40 desks which replaced the
plank benches. Some of the teachers were Harold
Chartier, Miss Molly Gilbert, Miss Rhea cents a
week to clean the floor and noted that it was difficult
to keep teachers as the pupils were a tough lot."
In the 1970's a family by the name of Dingman
owned it and it got pretty much worn down. Steve
Miller, contractor, purchased it and it was used for
storage. The Historical Society had the opportunity
to purchase the school but after much consideration
decided against it as it was in very poor condition
and would probably not survive the moving trip. The
school was in operation until about 1940. In 1913
electricity was installed in time for Christmas. The
school closed in 1941.
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